The attached manuscript covers 4 areas in kinnim. The third is now posted and a prior version was published in Hakirah. What is included is a proposed explanation of perhaps the most challenging Rambam in MT. Rambam uses the ve’yairaeh li, it appears to me, about 150 times in Mishneh Torah. Except in 6 instances, Raavad agrees to Rambam’s insight, half time acknowledging that he also knows of no proof and in the other cases points to supporting sources. However, in two places concerning kinnim in Pesulai Ha’Mikdashim, Raavad’s comment expresses strong opposition with severe language to boot. That question has never been satisfactorily answered, I believe that I have. Comments would be most appreciated. This is followed by a clear explanation of both what I call the more standard interpretation (rooted in the Ba’al ha-Moar, Rosh, and Bartenura) as well as both the unique and different approaches offered by Raavad and Rambam to the first 3 Mishnayot of the second perek.